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Written by Mindy Belz

Narrated by Nan McNamara

11 hours, 18 minutes

Released 10/2/2017

Politics/Middle Eastern

Tyndale House


They Say We Are Infidels audio cover.jpg

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"Everywhere militants were blowing up Christians, their churches, their shops. They threatened them with kidnapping. They promised to take their children. The message to these 'infidels': You have no place in Iraq. Pay a penalty to stay, leave, or be killed."

Sweeping from Syria into Iraq, Islamic State (ISIS) fighters have been brutalizing and annihilating Christians. How? Why? Where did the terrorists come from, and what can be done to stop them? For more than a decade, journalist Mindy Belz has reported on the ground from the Middle East, giving her unparalleled access to the story no one wants to believe. In They Say We Are Infidels, she brings the stark reality of this escalating genocide to light, tracking the stories of real-life Christians who refuse to abandon their faith - even in the face of losing everything, including their lives.

As Reading Lolita in Tehran did for Iran and We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families did for Rwanda, They Say We Are Infidels shines light into the Middle East through the stories of everyday heroes and heroines who will not be silenced. A must-listen for anyone seeking a firmer grasp on the complex dynamics at play in war-torn Iraq and Syria, They Say We Are Infidels is the eye-opening and revelatory testimony of a journalist who heads into a war zone - and is forever changed by the people she encounters there.


Mindy Belz is the senior editor of WORLD magazine. Writing for the publication since 1986, she has covered war in the Balkans, Sudan, Iraq, and Afghanistan—and has reported also from Nigeria, Syria, Turkey, Haiti, and elsewhere. Her reporting has been published overseas and in the United States in The Weekly Standard and other publications. Mindy is a contributing author of Sorrow and Blood: Christian Mission in Contexts of Suffering, 


Nan McNamara is an Earphones Award-winning narrator and garnered the "Best Audiobook of 2016" distinction for Mister Monkey by Francine Prose (with Kirby Heyborne). She is also the recipient of Los Angeles Drama Critics Award and L.A. Weekly Award for her performance on stage as Vivian Bearing in Wit by Margaret Edson. Other favorite stage roles include Rosalind in Shakespeare’s As You Like It and Dr. Katherine Brandt in 33 Variations by Moisés Kaufman.

Persecution, and Martyrdom and speaks frequently about persecution and survival in the Middle East. She enjoys engaging with younger audiences on a broad range of current events, as well as teaching journalism both abroad and closer to home under the auspices of the World Journalism Institute.

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