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Written by Titus M. Kennedy
Narrated by Jim Denison
11 hours, 27 minutes
Released 3/28/2022
Harvest House Publishers
ISBN #9781666535938


Examine the Evidence Surrounding Jesus

No other figure has impacted history like Jesus. Yet today, he’s often seen as a mythical character whose legend increased over time. So what does the historical and archaeological evidence say about Jesus?

Archaeologist Dr. Titus Kennedy has investigated firsthand the discoveries connected to Jesus’ birth, ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection. He has visited and excavated where Jesus walked, and examined the artifacts connected to Jesus’ life. Here, he presents an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the research and findings that illuminate the historicity of Christ as presented in the Bible.

Excavating the Evidence for Jesus progresses chronologically through the Gospels, noting the many relevant archaeological, historical, geographic, and literary findings. As you read, you’ll be able to decide for yourself whether the evidence confirms the existence and story of Jesus, and determine whether the Gospels are worthy of being approached not as legends, but as history. Further, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the historic basis of Christianity, a richer knowledge of the ancient world, and an evidence-based perspective on the reliability of the Bible.


Dr. Titus Kennedy is a professional field archaeologist and adjunct professor at Biola University, a research fellow at Discovery Institute, has been a consultant, writer, and guide for history and archaeology documentaries and curricula, and currently directs archaeological projects in Bible lands. He has researched and photographed archaeological artifacts around the world.


Jim Denison has been a professional narrator and voice actor since 2013 after retiring from 40 years of full time Christian ministry. Since then he's worked successfully on a wide variety of voice over projects for clients worldwide, including narration of over 150 audiobooks. He has also been featured in on-camera video projects on the NatGeo, History, and Discovery Channels, HBO, Netflix, and local and national TV commercials. Also since 2014, he has hosted a popular YouTube channel, Top10Archive, currently with over 1.61 million subscribers. He holds graduate and post-graduate degrees in Christian studies and Management.

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