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Written by Michael Phillips
Narrated by John Pruden
7 hours, 38 minutes
Released 8/24/2023
Christian Living
Fidelis Publishing
ISBN #9781666648362

Endangered Virtues - AudioCover.jpg

A Challenge for Americans to Reclaim the Historic Virtues of the Nation's Christian Roots


Bestselling Christian author Michael Phillips believes that the United States is on a collision course toward a new civil war. But a different kind of war. An ideological civil war, growing out of the erosion of virtues that have been the strength of the nation’s relational, spiritual, and ethical fabric for over two hundred years. When this war breaks out, it will cause more chaos and division even than that caused by the political strife of the past two decades. Institutions, families, and churches will be split in ways we cannot yet envision. Dramatic change is coming to America, and soon. Now is the time to prepare for it in our personal lives, families, and churches.


Michael Phillips has been writing in the Christian marketplace since 1977. He is the author of over a hundred books, and is known as one of the premier novelists of the Christian fiction boom of the 1980s, and as the man responsible for the renaissance of interest in Scotsman George MacDonald. In addition to his own work, he has published eighty titles by and about MacDonald.


Award-winning narrator, John Pruden, is a former US Army UH-60 Black Hawk pilot who has traveled through forty-seven U.S. states, South America, Europe, and Asia. His travel experiences and performance in improv and competitive singing provides a solid creative foundation from which to draw for his gritty but sensitive vocal characterizations. John is also a firearms instructor specializing in tactical pistol and rifle as well as long-range shooting in Colorado.

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