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Written by Stuart and Cameron McAllister

Narrated by Stuart and Cameron McAllister

6 hours, 43 minutes

Released 1/26/2021

Christian Life

InterVarsity Press



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"Please fix my kid." In their work as Christian apologists, father and son Stuart and Cameron McAllister have heard many variations on this theme from concerned parents. It's a sentiment lots of Christian parents can relate to―a deep and fearful sense of their own inadequacy to raise their children in the faith amid a seductive culture that's often hostile to Christianity. In Faith That Lasts, the McAllisters reflect on their own experiences of coming to Christian faith―Stuart from a life of crime on the streets of Glasgow, and Cameron in the context of a loving Christian home. Together they outline three dangerous myths that we all too easily buy into: that fear can protect our children, that information can save them, and that their spiritual education belongs to the experts. They reconsider each myth in the light of the Christian faith and their own experiences. When our confidence is rooted in the good news of Jesus, our homes can be places of honest conversation, open-handed exploration, and lasting faith.


Stuart McAllister has worked with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries since 1998. He regularly speaks in churches, universities, and other forums all over the world. Stuart is a frequent contributor to A Slice of Infinity, Just Thinking, and Engage.

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Cameron McAllister is an itinerant speaker at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. He is also host of the Vital Signs podcast and cohost of the Thinking Out Loud podcast. Cameron's writing has appeared in Christ and Pop Culture, Christianity Today, and Think Christian.

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