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Written by Barry C. Black

Narrated by Calvin Robinson

5 hours 58 minutes

Released 5/9/2017

Christian Life/Spiritual Growth

Tyndale House


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“I’m really concerned about the state of the world. It feels like things are falling apart.”

“I’m worried about my family’s future.”

“How can I stand firm in my faith in today’s culture?”

Our times are turbulent ones, and questions and worries like these can haunt us and keep us awake at night. Yet is it possible that, ultimately, there is actually nothing to fear? Barry C. Black is the spiritual “leader of leaders” for the US Senate—shepherding those on the front lines of the decisions that shape our culture. Now, Chaplain Black shows all of us how to thrive in the midst of today’s turbulence and confusion by following eight principles that Jesus gave his disciples prior to sending them into a dangerous world. These teachings are as relevant today as when Jesus first spoke them two thousand years ago.

Containing Scriptural insights and powerful prayers to help you seek God’s guidance and blessing, Nothing to Fear will illuminate the way to live boldly, bravely, and faithfully in the face of today’s perils.


Barry C. Black has served as chaplain of the United States Senate since 2003. He retired from the US Navy after 27 years in the military, ending his service as a two-star admiral and chief of Navy chaplains. While in the Navy, he ministered to members of the military and their families throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. His military decorations include the Navy Distinguished Service Medal, the Legion of Merit Medal, and two Defense Meritorious Service Medals. He is author of From the Hood to the Hill and The Blessing of Adversity.


Pastor Calvin is called to communicate the timeless good news of Jesus Christ and all that it means for our lives and times. He is a radio host of Reflections on, He has been a pastor for over 15 years. And of course he is also an up and coming narrator with over a handful of books to his credit. His ministry philosophy is simple: Do all we can 

with what we have, for as many as possible, to the Glory of God in Jesus Christ! Calvin loves to read and to go for long, long walks. One of his special hobbies is reading and reciting Celtic Prayers

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