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Written by Joseph Farah

Narrated by Bob Souer

7 hours, 50 minute

Released 9/19/2017


WND Books


Restitution of All Things Audio

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Did Jesus of Nazareth really intend to start a brand new religion called "Christianity"?

Or, did He come to fulfill that which all of the Hebrew prophets had foretold since the fall of man—something the Holy Scriptures mysteriously and wonderfully call "the restitution of all things."

The Restitution of All Things is a primer on the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith that will forever give you a new appreciation of the work Jesus did on the cross. Using Scriptures almost exclusively as a resource, Farah will shock and amaze most Christians with a clear picture of what the coming kingdom of God will be like.

It is a wake-up call to the world regarding the ever-present truth of the Bible, and of the reality of Jesus-Yeshua, the Messiah, the King, the High Priest, the Redeemer, and Son of God.


Joseph Farah is editor, founder and CEO of, the internet's largest independent news site. He's a veteran newspaper editor, having run the Sacramento Union and the news department of the LA Herald Examiner. In 1996 he founded, an independent news website committed to investigating government waste, fraud and abuse. attracts over 6.5 million unique visitors a month.


Bob Souer is a full-time professional story-teller and voice actor. He has narrated broadcast and non-broadcast projects for corporations and ministries across North America. You've heard Bob's voice on PBS, the History Channel, the Military Channel, and many other networks. Bob has also narrated radio and television programs for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, D. James Kennedy Ministries, SIM and Compassion International. Bob is married to Cinda. They have four children and live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA.

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