Written by Michael Frost

Narrated by Claton Butcher

2 hours 17 minutes

Released 1/3/2017

Christian Living/Evangelism

Tyndale House


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Christianity is a surprising religion. It has changed the world in remarkable ways throughout history simply through Christians living out their faith. More recently, we’ve become afraid of a habituated Christianity, thinking that routines will rob our faith of its vitality. The net effect is that we’ve replaced the habits that surprise the world with habits that mimic the world―and both we and the world suffer for it.

Integrating the five habits in the BELLS model―Bless others, Eat together, Listen to the Spirit, Learn Christ, and understand yourself as Sent by God into others’ lives―will help you spread the gospel organically, graciously, and surprisingly.

Michael Frost, a world-renowned expert on evangelism and discipleship, makes evangelism a lifestyle that is fulfilling, exciting, effective, and easy to live out.


Michael Frost is an internationally recognized missiologist and one of the leading voices in the international missional-church movement. His books are required reading in colleges and seminaries around the world. Recognized in the United States as a voice on missional living, he travels to this country multiple times a year as a conference speaker and consultant.


Narrator Claton Butcher has narrated over 80 titles. Claton and his biggest fans: his wife, and their young daughter live in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.


“Mike has simplified the way of Jesus for our world today.”  -Hugh Halter, author of Brimstone

“Christian missional living and evangelization can be stressful, but Frost makes it more natural, more compassionate, and more fulfilling in this easy-to-read guide.” -Publishers Weekly

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